Dan & Dan for Dave

Here’s a little something we did for the TV channel “Dave” just before Christmas. It is our attempt to have our cake and eat it.

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Dan & Dan in “New Facebook”

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Dan & Dan in “Looting”

Hard to believe, but not sponsored by Jaffa Cakes.

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Dan & Dan in “NOTW”

It’s never too late to become a media mogul.

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Dan & Dan in “iPad Head”

So, last Friday Dan queued for four hours to buy a new iPad. He is not prone to this kind of behaviour, but the central premise of this sketch demanded it, so I forced him. We intended to return it once we’d filmed the sketch…


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Dan & Dan in “Valentine Poem”

Turn the lights down low, pour another glass of red wine, pop on some light jazz, and slip into something more comfortable: Dan’s written a love poem.

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Dan & Dan’s Festive WikiLeaks Song

Our new video is up, and it’s about WikiLeaks. And Christmas.

How, might you ask, did Dan manage to write a song that convincingly embraced both those subject matters? Watch and find out.

Rather excitingly, this new sketch is hosted by the BBC, meaning that it appears on their http://www.bbc.co.uk/comedy site, and on their Youtube channel. So to make sure our usual Youtube subscribers didn’t miss out, we made this:

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Dan & Dan

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Dan & Dan in “The Cuts”

Because economy begins at home.

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Dan & Dan in “Miner Conspiracy”


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Dan & Dan Are Still Here

We’ve not done a video in ages, so here you go. There’ll probably be some better ones soon.

The gig Dan mentions is Popcorn Comedy at the Greenwich Comedy Festival, and it’s on this Sunday 12th September. As with all Popcorn events, it’ll be a super night out I’m sure.

We’re also appearing at the Halloween Music Fair being held at Cecil Sharp House, in Camden, on Halloween. Although it may just be Dan… it depends on, ahem, technical requirements. The whole event will be ace, with lots of different acts and things to do. Dan and I highly recommend it.

They’re both in London, but one day soon we might tour. The only thing stopping us is Dan’s unwillingness to compromise on his frankly unaffordable rider. And also that no-one outside of London has ever booked us.

See you soon!

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