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Dan & Dan in “Dan/Dan Coalition”

Dan has a few proposals which Dan really has to agree to if their ‘coalition’ thing is going to work. But that’s fine, because politics is about compromise, right? Right? (Er… sorry it’s not another song. We know you like … Continue reading

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The Daily Mail song

Hello all, A few people have asked for this as an mp3. Go on then, help yourself: The Daily Mail Song And if you haven’t seen the vid, WHERE YOU BEEN?! It’s here: See you anon.

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Dan & Dan in “Taxing”

Tax doesn’t need to be taxing. Unless, that is, you’re helping Dan with his.

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Dan & Dan’s Vaguely Festive Video!

This one is a kind of “Hello” to the sudden influx of Charlie’s lovely viewers, thanks to a little mention he gave our channel at the end of one of his vids. (In Youtube terms, I think it’s fair to … Continue reading

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Jedward conspiracy exposed!

Yup, it’s true. Jedward ain’t all they seem.

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Dan & Dan in “Flu Swindle”

Dan’s worried about swine flu (and having to look at Dan’s holiday photos). Incidentally, we’re off on a very long trip now – back mid September though, so expect some more vids then. Cheerio!

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Dan and Dan 001 – “Drugs in Sport”

Hello. So. Because it seems like a fun (although arguably slightly vain) thing to do, we’re going to post all our vids to date on this site. So let us begin at the beginning, with “Drugs in Sport”. Ah, the … Continue reading

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Dan & Dan On Twitter

We are now on twitter. Is that what one says? “On twitter”? Or do I sound like someone getting it subtly but revealingly wrong? Like when old people ask for your number by saying “Are you on the telephone?” Anyway, … Continue reading

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Dan’s Piano Choir on Genius!

No, your eyes weren’t deceiving you. That actually was me on Genius last night – albeit a slightly better groomed, 6-months younger me. Judging by the sudden spasm of comments / emails / text messages, you all seemed to enjoy … Continue reading

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Dan and Dan’s Largely Pointless Blog…

… but not for much longer! We thought we’d post at least ONE post within a year of our last, just to show willing. And we hang our heads in shame at the truly, breathtakingly slack nature of this website. … Continue reading

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