Dan and Dan’s Largely Pointless Blog…

… but not for much longer!

We thought we’d post at least ONE post within a year of our last, just to show willing. And we hang our heads in shame at the truly, breathtakingly slack nature of this website. We had such grand plans, but then… but then… we never got round to them.

But that will change. I guess what’s spurred us into action is our recent “Comedy Spotlight” on Youtube, for the Susan Boyle video, look, here:

With it comes the possibility that people might curiously head over to the site, so now would be a better time than most to announce that www.dananddan.com will, in time, be a lot more interesting.

I know, we’ve said that before, but we do intend to at least embed our videos here simultaneously, and in the coming days and weeks I’ll start doing that – beginning at the beginning, with our very first outing nearly 3 years ago. And just writing that makes me feel a little old.

Anyway, thanks for visiting, and for your patience. More to come soon, basically.

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