Dan & Dan – The Sitcom?

Hello folks! Excited? We are. Here’s some background on this trailer.

For the last year or so Dan & I have been collaborating with some lovely people at the BBC. We’ve been making a taster for a Dan & Dan sitcom.

A taster is a bit like a pilot, but shorter. If the people in charge like the taster, they might commission a pilot… and then if they like the pilot, the next thing could be a series. But it’s early days at the moment – one step at a time.

The taster is about 10 minutes long, so this one-minute long piece is a trailer for the taster. So, to recap (pay attention): this is a trailer for a taster for a pilot for a series. I know it’s a little confusing, but stick with it…

Enjoy this little appetite-whetter. Hopefully you’ll get to see the full ten minutes soon, but in the meantime, if you like it, then please do share / rate / tweet / Like / comment, and generally spread the word like an 19th century cholera pandemic. And maybe – just maybe – you’ll help make Dan & Dan pop up on your telly.

Cheerio till soon!

D + D

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