STOP KONY and watch our funny vid lol

Here’s our response to the whole Kony 2012 thing which, depressingly, already seems like a very long time ago. It should be fairly obvious for our regular viewers that this isn’t a massively positive response. We only mention that because various Youtube comments have, alarmingly, appeared to take it the wrong way.

Here’s some relevant links:

If you’ve not already seen it, here is the original heartstring-tugging video by Invisible Children.

Now as a crucial corrective, watch this sense-talking from Hank Green:

And this is the website that Hank links to, a beautiful and brilliant idea which everyone should definitely sign up to. It involves helping those in the developing world by providing affordable loans to get their businesses off the ground. Sign up and make your first $25 loan completely free. Ace, eh?

Or you could simply Like and Tweet and Share a video. In which case, can you make it our one please? Ta.

Cheerio til soon


p.s.: I knew I recognised that melody: Dan & Dan in “Song of Hope”

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